Why Economic Impact Group?

Splattered on the wall

Communities across the United States are competing for new business in unprecedented fashion. Simply retaining industry has become difficult as companies are offered financial incentives in other communities, and are able to able to threaten to move unless they are provided at least equal incentives to remain. And while prospective new enterprise promises jobs and investment, they don’t always meet those promises.

Economic Impact Group is a leader in providing private enterprise and state and local government the vital information they require to know exactly what they bring to the table during negotiations. Communities need to be able to check on the claims made about the benefits to the community and assess how government services will be impacted.  Similarly, companies need to quantify the benefits, both direct and indirect, that will accrue to the local economy due to their presence.

Economic Impact Group specializes in helping both communities and companies conduct fiscal and economic impact analysis for new or existing projects. We are ready and able to advise our clients using the most accurate and complex models available, including those developed for use by Georgia Institute of Technology.

Our clients include local and state governments, as well as companies ranging from small non-profit organizations to large international corporations.

For more information, e-mail us at info@economicimpact.com or call us at (678) 357-7840.